The ThemeDesign team includes designers, project managers, visual artists, marketing/branding experts and other creative professionals dedicated to developing high-impact themed environments. The creative teams assembled for our clients have the ability to envision their projects holistically, from inception through completion, offering a full range of services, from design and fabrication through creative branding and marketing. This enables ThemeDesign to help its clients do more than simply erect walls and install features, but truly "build experiences" that are compelling and memorable. It also ensures that clients meet their financial objectives in terms of their Return on Investment by creating environments patrons want to return to. ThemeDesign's management team possesses an average of over 15 years of work in the theming industry, with experience designing and developing water parks, theme parks, hotels, resorts, restaurants and a broad range of other commercial spaces. TD eagerly takes on modestly-sized projects for smaller clients, as well as complex multi-phase projects for multiple stakeholders, like the Water Park of America (the largest indoor water park in the United States). ThemeDesign is the ideal choice for any customer hoping to develop exceptional environments that distinguish their facilities from all others.

T rex cafe disneyworld frp panels ice cave stalactites transparent panels artificiall panels


See the Video of the Ice Cave inside the T Rex Cafe in Disneyworld Orlando Florida